Exercising on the HCG Diet | Do’s and Don’ts

Exercising on the HCG Diet is a complicated subject. Technically, you can exercise on the HCG diet. But you have to keep the intensity under limit. If you are exercising to an extent where it makes you hungry and want to eat more then you will fail the HCG Diet.

If you read any book on HCG Diet therein it is mentioned that you are allowed to exercise under controlled intensity. Some even suggest exercises like swimming, walking and mild strength training.

However, there is one problem. Not all will be able to keep the intensity low.

Let’s face it. If you get carried away with your exercise, or for some reason you increased the intensity, you are going to be hungry.

And with a diet that focusses only on 500 calorie diet per day, even a 100 calorie increase is bad for you.

This is why it is best to suggest that one should not exercise while on the HCG Diet.

But will I lose More weight when exercise is combined with HCG Diet?

Only if the intensity is low and you do not over train.

Here is a simple tip that will keep you under the lower intensity level.

You should exercise to a limit where you are about to break a sweat. If you are sweating even a little it is best to lower the intensity.

Lift lower weights than you used to lift. Take a slow walk. Jog slowly. And if you get hungry to the point where you want to cheat on the HCG diet then stop exercising. There is no benefit of exercising and cheating on the diet. You will lose more weight with the diet alone without cheating.

In the end its your choice. If you can do mild exercises then it’s a green signal. However, if you cannot differentiate between mild and high intensity you are better off without exercise.

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